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Non Registered Investments

When investing during good times, it’s easy to profess a tolerance for risk and say we’ll hold tight during downturns. But when the reality of a bear market actually presents itself, our natural reaction is to cut our losses and pull our assets out of the markets.

In the face of such events, here is some common sense advice on how you can weather the current financial storm:

Is your portfolio working as well as you would like?

-Is it appropriate for you at your stage in life, or is there something with more growth potential, or with less risk?

-Do you enjoy and have time to manage it yourself, or would you rather spend more time doing something else?

Thorne Financial Planning can analyze your portfolio’s content, determine its suitability for you, and suggest alternatives to consider.

Your investment portfolio should not be a miscellaneous basket of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. When analyzing and building your portfolio, it is critical to consider everything that you own that you hope will appreciate in value. These may include:

Please note that I am not licensed to give advice on individual stocks or bonds, and therefore will only comment on your stock portfolio as a whole and as part of your overall asset holdings.

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