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How a financial plan can help you to achieve your financial goals

Working with  to draw up a robust and personalized financial plan is a great way to draw all of the pieces of your financial life together to make sure that they are working in harmony and maximizing your future financial success.The process of financial planning generally follows the steps below:

  • Defining the relationship between you and

It’s important to agree on each other’s duties and obligations upfront to ensure expectations are clear. You should understand the services that will provide, as well as the length of time that the contract will run for and the compensation arrangements that form part of the agreement.

  • Collate your financial information and agree your objectives

will need to see details of your full financial situation in order to assess potential next steps. As part of this, you will discuss your financial goals, your preferences and your attitude towards risk, as this will determine a large part of the recommendations that your advisor will consider and make for you.

  • Create your strategy

After gathering your financial information, will be able to analyze it and draw up the best strategy for achieving your goals in relation to your current position. This is likely to cover a broad range of areas, including your income/expenditure ratio, tax position, investments etc.

  • Develop recommendations

Following this analysis, will be in a position to present a range of options and recommendations for you to review together, answering any questions that you have and making revisions to the strategy to reflect your own personal preferences and choices.

  • Implement your financial plan

Now’s the time to finalize those recommendations and put them into practice. will implement your financial plan.

  • Staying on track

Financial planning is an ongoing process, which should be flexible enough to respond to changes, not only in the external financial and political landscape but also to changes in your own lifestyle and circumstances. will review your financial plan on a regular basis to ensure you’re staying on track.

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