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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Why do you need critical illness insurance?

While leading a healthy lifestyle is the best course of action to decrease health risks, such as serious illness such as cancer, stroke or heart disease – the sad reality is that no one can be fully protected. Did you know that:

    • One in three Canadians is at risk of developing a life-threatening cancer.
    • One in two heart attack victims are under 65 years of age 50,000 Canadians suffer a stroke every year.
    • Of all stroke victims, 75% will be left with a permanent disability.


Critical illness insurance from Life One Financial is the best way to reduce your financial burden and maintain your independence in the event of a critical illness or unforeseen health expenses. We go beyond financial assistance and bring our clients more than lump-sum payments – our plans also provide valuable assistance services to help you and your family cope with a critical illness, including:

    • Access to the best doctors and health centres
    • A daily living assisted benefit
    • Maintaining financial independence
    • Reducing financial burden on you and your family
    • Access to cutting-edge medical procedures

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